Apresentação / Biografia

Corporate Strategic Vision – Business Development Leadership – Operations & Project Management

• Experienced professional in: Solar Photovoltaic (from 2006), Wind (from 2002), Cogeneration (from 1997)
• General Management / CEO experience (Sales, O&M, Engineering, Financial, Procurement, HR, Stocks, Fiscal, Legal, etc.)
• Seasoned in Business Development & Operations - successful at providing the vision, strategy and leadership required to maximize the efficiency, effectiveness and application of core business operations and increasing corporation’s footprint. Combines strategically business development expertise with strong qualifications in operations, project management, financial, sales, process redesign and general management. Skilled at negotiating profitable joint ventures and developing productive cross-enterprise alliances
• Strategic Business Market Planning & Budgeting
• Market Evaluation, Penetration & Expansion
• Developing/Implementing Unified Sales Processes
• Operations & Project Management
• Joint Venture & Strategic Partnership Agreements
• Product Development, Introduction & Expansion
• ROI, Value Proposition & Profit Optimization
• Re-engineering Operations & Process Improvements

Experiência Profissional

C.E.O. / Owner - ECOPOWER, Ltd. - Nov 2006 – Jul 2016
Business started from pioneering of Solar PV in Portugal leading it to become one of the TOP 5 in the
Management of ECOPOWER group of companies: Ecopower, Ecofoton, Ecopromener and
Tangible Level.
Solar Photovoltaic, Solar Thermal, Cogeneration, Natural Gas and Biogas
General Electric become Market Leader in Cogeneration in Portugal
• 2 MW Solar PV Development (from green field) in Portugal, including obtaining all the necessary licences and permits
• More than 2 MWp – Complete EPC in several Solar PV Mini Generation in rooftops and in the ground (includes more than 1 MW CdTe technology)
• More than 2 MWp – Complete EPC of more than 500 Solar Micro Generation Photovoltaic (fixed and on trackers); also different technologies including: PV mono, PV poly, PV CdTe, micro inverters, Hybrid Wind-PV, etc;
• 1 MWp – EPC selling of Solar PV Plant in Spain
• Selling of 2 Solar Photovoltaic plants of 2 x 113,5 kWp in Spain
• Installation and Selling of 450 Solar Thermal Businesses (2008-2014): Forced Circulation, Thermosiphons and support to Central Heating
• 80 MW: Selling of 38 Cogen Generation sets / Modules of GE Jenbacher Cogeneration
• 3 MW Biogas Landfill and WWTP Containerized (4 units) complete EPC (GE Jenbacher)

Country Sales Manager (Portugal and Brazil) – GAMESA - Nov 2002 – Oct 2006
Pioneers of Wind in Portugal (Top 3) and Brazil
EPC and Wind Turbines commercial proposals for Public Tenders (700 MW), Site Surveys
Manufacturing, Retailing, Installation and Maintenance of Wind Turbines

• Wind Farm Amaral (Tecneira) – 10 MW;
• Wind Farm Caldas (Tecneira) – 10 MW;
• Wind Farm Fanhões (Tecneira) – 18 MW;
• Wind Farm Arruda I (Tecneira) – 6 MW;
• Wind Farm Sobral II (Tecneira) – 14 MW;
• Wind Farm Penamacor I (Tecneira) – 20 MW;
• Wind Farm Penamacor 3A (Tecneira) – 20 MW;
• Wind Farm Sardinha (Acciona Energía) – 26 MW;


Country Manager of Gas Cogeneration and UPS – Energy Systems Dep.
Barloworld STET, Sociedade Técnica de Equipamentos e Tractores, S.A.
Oct 1997 – Oct 2002
Management of Commercial and Technical Teams, Market creation since Nat Gas introduction in Portugal, Business Development and Project Management
Distribution of Caterpillar in Portugal (Earth Moving Equipment, Electrical Gen-Sets, etc)
• Cogeneration in Ceramic Sotelha S. A. (Natural Gas); 1 MW
• Cogeneration in Textile Barroso & Machado Lda. (Natural Gas); 1 MW
• Cogeneration in Textile Reivax, Lda. (Natural Gas); 1 MW
• Cogeneration in Textile Cunha, Lda. (Natural Gas); 1 MW
• Cogeneration in Ceramic Solcer (Natural Gas); 1 MW
• Cogeneration and Maintenance of Trigeneration of Transgás (Natural Gas); 0,77 MW
• Cogeneration and Maintenance of Ceramic J. Coelho da Silva (Natural Gas); 1 MW
• Work in the Cogeneration of ETAR in Frielas (Biogas); 1,45 MW
TOTAL: above 8 MW

Regional Sales Engineer - OBO Betterman Portugal, S. A. - Sep 1997
• Selling, Budgets and Support to projects
• Manufacturing and Distribution electrical fixing equipment

Electrical Technology Teacher - Alves Redol Secondary School - Dec 1994 – Aug 1995
High School Teacher

Electrician - J. M. Mendes, Ltd. - Oct 1989 – Jun 1990
Electrical Installations MV and LV in several sites

Educação e formação

Post Graduate Diploma
PGER - Executive Renewable Energy Management Program – 1st Edition, Sponsored by EDP (Electricidade de Portugal)

Universidade Católica Portuguesa – FCEE – Faculdade de Ciências Económicas e Empresariais – Lisbon

Bachelor’s Degree
Electro technical Engineering – Power Systems and Industrial Automation / Energy Systems

Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa
Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa

Aptidões e competências pessoais

Não indicado.

Salário pretendido

30,000 € Net (Fixo + variável) + carro

Categoria pretendida

Engenharia (Eletrotécnica)

Região desejada