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To whom it may concern,
I am writing to you with the intention of showing my interest in being able to be part of this
selective process and have the opportunity to apply for it. My name is Cecilia Skrzypczyk,
a native of Madrid, Spain with a family of Polish origin, which has given me the ability to
understand the language and to be bilingual with respect to other languages, both English
and French, which I am learning and which I am very interested in. I am currently at an A2
level and I intend to continue increasing my capacity in it. In English I have a B2 and I can
understand and talk in Polish. I have a degree in Criminology (2019) from King Juan
Carlos University, covering several study disciplines, including law, statistics, economics,
study of administrative institutions, medicine, psychology or sociology. Therefore, I have
not only dedicated myself to the study of crime, its factors and causes; but criminology
goes beyond that and can be very useful in professions such as human resources, general
administration and investigations and prevention of possible conflicts or controversies in
I finished also an online distance master's degree in mediation and conflict resolution,
which I have combined without any problem as it allows for the subsequent viewing of the
classes as well as being flexible, practical and convenient to carry out. It has consisted of
different analysis and practice of family, criminal areas, school, work enviorment,
administrative areas and sociological mediation, among others. With it I have increased
my personal and professional capacity to manage different tasks and conflicts and be
more proactive. Carrying out the curricular practices in the Miguel Ángel Blanco
Foundation for the promotion and defence of the victims of terrorism wich was a great
With this, I would like to highlight these as my educational training activities and with which
I consider myself a creative, empathetic and patient person who adapts to all kinds of
situations. For this reason I have dedicated a great deal of time to my studies, considering
them to be of great importance in order to have a base on which to later specialise at a
professional level. On a working level, I have one year of experience dedicated to direct
customer/citizen care from different positions. These positions are in the catering industry
(restaurant services, clothing shops), the insurance sector (claims management) and the
public administration (document, telephone and e-mail management in international
relations as well as external relations at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos). For all these
reasons I hope you can consider my application. Above all, I would like to thank you for
your time and remain at your disposal.
Cecilia Skrzypczyk,
Criminologist and mediator.
+34 640 765 065

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