Apresentação / Biografia

Business partnerships. I also very much enjoy working with fundraising organizations. I am a very results driven person. Values are Integrity, Fairness, People Influence, WorkLife Balance, Hard Work, Persistence, Excellent Customer Service, Education, Passionate, inspirational , Focus, Perseverance and Agility. What can I bring to your company , People commitment with Lean management system

Experiência Profissional

Plant Director of automotive and metallurgic industry with strong skill in WCM and Lean Manufacturing focused In excellence with high level of PMO background and start-up and lay-off experience .

Educação e formação

Master Business Administration
Fundacao Getulio Vargas, Campinas (Brazil)
1. FGV Management Business Simulation
2. Investment Project Analysis
3. Development and Service Management
4. Business Ethics
5. Cost Management
6. Product Development Management
7. Management of Personal Skills
8. Quality Management
9. Innovation and Entrepreneurship
10. Business Logistics
11. Strategic Planning of Goods and Services Production
12. Integrated Project Management
13. Management Technologies Production Capacity
14. Production Flow Management Technologies
15. Materials Management Technologies
16. Project Management Technologies
17. Programming Technologies , Drive and Operations Control

Mechanical Engineering
FEI - Faculdade de Engenharia Industrial, Sao Bernardo do Campo (Brazil) Vehicle planning
Structural Analysis of Vehicle
Support Tools in Product Development
Project Bodywork
Project Chassis and Suspension and Steering Motor Design
Project Clutches, Converters and Transfer Boxes Driving Axis project and transmission Trees
Brakes Project
Electrical Design and Embedded Vehicle Electronics Vehicle Dynamics design

Aptidões e competências pessoais

Industry Sector Competencies

• Automotive
• Machinery and Equipment
• Energy-Oil-Gas
• Engineering
• Mechanic

Professional Objectives

• Function: Managing Director, Operations Director
• Sector: Technology, Metal Mechanic Industry
• Interim Manager: Yes
• Permanent Position: Yes
• Operational: Yes
• Preferred Locations: Europe

Additional Professional Interests

• Operational Coaching on demand

Countries Covered

• Brazil
• Portugal
• Venezuela

Operational Competencies

• New product or service launch (Professional)
• Company rescue or turnaround (Professional)
• Close down or sell off (Professional)

Salário pretendido

4500 Euros free monthly

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