Tourism Expert

Name of the position:
Tourism Expert

We are currently seeking an experienced professional to undertake the development of a comprehensive Master Plan for Cox's Bazar District, located in southeastern Bangladesh, widely recognized for its stunning natural beauty and long sandy beach, which is considered one of the longest uninterrupted sea beaches in the world.

Project Description:

Cox's Bazar is globally renowned for its breathtaking miles of golden sands, towering cliffs, surfing waves, and rare conch shells. The region's vibrant economic, social, and cultural activities are complemented by its beautiful mosques, colorful pagodas, and Buddhist temples, making it a magnet for both local and international visitors.

This project seeks to develop a comprehensive master plan for the sustainable development of Cox's Bazar. The plan will take a holistic approach, meticulously considering the intricate interplay between Cox's Bazar's unique ecological environment, existing industries, natural resources, rich cultural heritage, and existing infrastructure and assets.

Through a multifaceted analysis, the master plan will identify key areas for growth and development, while ensuring the long-term preservation of the region's natural beauty and ecological balance. This will pave the way for Cox's Bazar to flourish as a vibrant economic hub, while safeguarding its cultural identity and environmental integrity.

Project Scope:

The project scope encompasses the development of a detailed master plan for the sustainable development of Cox's Bazar. This will include the following key deliverables:
Comprehensive Assessment; Resource Inventory; Industry and Livelihood Analysis; Cultural Heritage Assessment; Infrastructure and Assets Mapping; Sustainable Development Strategies; Implementation Framework; and any additional elements deemed necessary for the successful completion of the project.


Enhance the region's attractiveness for all inhabitants, workers, visitors, and investors.
Utilize the available opportunities for the region's development.
Ensure sustainable development through well-planned expansion and service improvements.

Qualification Criteria:

Should have a Master’s Degree in Tourism or related discipline
Should have a minimum of ten (10) years of relevant experience in tourism planning and development of similar magnitude and nature.

Detailed Job Description:
Tourism Expert will work under the Team Leader; He will be responsible for carrying out the studies related to his profession for the CoxDA area, conducting tourism studies, and formulating tourism plans and policies. He will be the lead for the review of the Existing Tourism Scenario. He will assist in the Development of the Regional Vision (Tourism strategies and locations) and lead the Development of the Tourism Action Plan. Attending meetings as and when required.

Joining date: 1 July 2024

Staff Month:

Salary Range:
USD 5,000-7,000/ month (Negotiable)

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