Senior Data Scientist

Dellent Consulting is seeking a Senior Data Scientist to join its team and take an active role in engagement execution, project management and key business development activities.

Essential Duties:

-Led the design and implementation of advanced analytic solutions;
-Guide/lead teams through the application of advanced analytic and technical thought leadership;
-Query and mine large data sets to discover patterns, examine data and filter for targeted information using traditional/exploratory, as well as advanced analytic techniques;
-Use advanced business analysis and appropriate analytic tools to support advanced analytic development and presentation of results through visualization and scenario generators;
-Help establish standards in advanced analytics to ensure consistency in quality across projects and teams and identify relevant work processes as well as providing personalized recommendations for customers.

Essencial Qualifications, Skills and Experience:

-Graduate degree, such as mathematics, software engineer or telecommunications;
-From 3 to 5 years experience in managing advanced analytic projects;
-Experience in manipulating large datasets and applying advanced analytic techniques;
-Excellent and solid understanding of different modelling techniques and machine learning algorithms;
-Proficiency in SQL, Python for data analysis and model development.
-Proven experience on working with the Hadoop platform
-Fluent in English (both written and spoken);
-Customer oriented, proactive, approachable, team player, positive and hardworking.

Dellent provides exciting and rewarding career opportunities. Applicants that adapt to change, handle competing priorities, and communicate effectively will thrive in Dellent’s fast-paced environment.

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