Freelance translation PT/EN/PL services and support (Polish)

We are looking for a person with proven experience to deliver freelance services according to the following requirements.
This collaboration may, over time, become a full-time collaboration if the skills we are looking for in this profile are demonstrated.

Some of the necessary services will be:
- Written translations between Portuguese, English, and Polish, in any variant, of documents or e-mails;
- Support for conference calls;
- Interpreter from English to Polish and from Polish to English / Portuguese at meetings/conference calls;
- Support in lead management:
- Mail handling;
- Preparation of e-mails;
- Preparation of marketing campaigns;
- Follow-up of leads;

- Preparation/support for international events;
- Occasional trips to Poland to support meetings with customers;
- Others;

- Graduation;
- Proven experience in the field;
- Native Polish language;
- Fluent in English;
- Knowledge of Portuguese is valued;
- Experience in translations EN/PL, PT/EN/PL;
- Experience as an interpreter of EN/PL, PT/EN/PL;
- Available to travel according to needs;
- Computer knowledge from the user's perspective;
- Organized;
- Proactive;
- Remuneration according to demonstrated experience;
- Possibility of full-time collaboration if the skills we are looking for in this profile are demonstrated;

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Esta oferta de emprego foi inserida pela empresa. em Quinta, 30 Janeiro, 2020 - 11:01. A resposta a este anúncio de emprego tem como data limite: Terça, 31 Março, 2020.

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