Coating Inspector (Naval Industry) m/f

The job:
This is a challenging job were you inspect the painting jobs within this leading Shipbuilding company.

Your daily tasks includes:

• Issue Coating Technical File based on the PSPC norms (CTF).
• Inspection of surface preparation, like blasting works, the cleaning of steel, sandpapering, or water cleaning.
• Verifying application methods for different types of paints (normal paints and fire protection paints) and procedure for marine coatings.
• Controlling if correct mixing and thinning procedures are used, checking wet film thickness , dry film thickness of the paint. Monitoring the recoating interval and the ambient conditions.
• Knowledge of the specific aspects related to IMO PSPC ballasttanks.

Who we are looking for:
To be successful in this position, we ask the following expertise:

• Working experience inspecting IMO PSPC ballasttanks.
• Experience with setting up a Coating Technical File.
• Working experience within the maritime sector.
• English spoken and written.

Whats in it for you:

• A temporary project at a large company in the shipbuilding.
• Good salary and a great working environment.
• You can count on us for finding housing during your project.

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