Graduates in Nursing

We are currently looking for Registered Nurses, who collaborate in our wellness project for clients and who want to develop their career in a multicultural environment learning at the same time the Dutch work system.
Structure of the employment plan until you get your registration in BIG:
1 Phase: You will start working as a Nurse IO. Your contract will be 36 hours and 16 hours will be dedicated to studying Dutch until you reach A2.
2 Phase: Once you have reached Level A2, you will work 28 hours as a Nurse IO and the rest will be dedicated to studying Dutch.
3 Phase: Before receiving the registration in BIG you will work 36 hours as Nurse IO.
4 Phase: You will already have the BIG registration, and you will be able to work as a Registered Nurse in the Netherlands.

• Working hours: 36 hours a week.
• Monthly salary without extra payment:
-Phase 1: € 1940.07 gross / month
-Phase 2: € 2,061.31 gross / month
-Phase 3: € 2601.70 gross / month
-Phase 4: € 2668.93 gross / month
Two extra payments: Christmas and 8% of the annual Gross salary (not included in the monthly salary)
• Bonuses for working irregular hours.

What do we require?
• Recent graduates or with the University Degree in Nursing.
• Nationality of a country belonging to the European Union.
• “Hart voor de Zorg”: Passion for caring for others.
• Anticipation of customer needs.
• Assume the responsibility, proactivity and independence that home work requires.
• Knowledge of mental health (you can work with clients who have Alzheimer's, Schizophrenia ...)
• Positive attitude, flexibility, passion for work and caring for people.
• Motivation for working in Amsterdam and in a multicultural environment.
• Handling the bicycle.
• Possibility of bringing a computer or tablet to take the course.

• We pay for your plane ticket.
• Free Dutch course and within your working day.
• Coach: we help you with all the necessary documentation to live in Amsterdam (registration, bank account, medical insurance) as well as in the homologation and registration as a Nurse in the Netherlands.
• Holidays 1 month.
• Contract of a minimum of 12 months with the possibility of permanent.
• Workday of 36 hours / week.
• Personalized career plan.
• Subsidized Dutch course from level 0.
• Support in the homologation of the Nursing Degree.
• Two extra payments.
• Plus per hour in irregular hours (from 22% to 60%)
• We work with public institutions in the Netherlands.
Do not hesitate and leave us your resume or contact us for any questions.

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European Healthcare Agency is a Spanish company established in 2019, belonging to the Dutch group Leven & Zorg Holding, which has more than 10 years of experience in Amsterdam. We guarantee the best care of our patients in their homes, adapting to their needs in a close, flexible and professional way. We are constantly looking for the best qualified Healthcare staff who have an interest in working and developing their career within an intercultural environment in the Netherlands. We believe in people, and we are built from the trust, for this reason, we are looking for staff for our own group, so you will be able to develop a career with us according with your expectations.

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