Safety Expert - Coimbra & Porto

We are always looking for bright and driven people who have a penchant for technology and want to hone their skills.

If you are interested in challenging work and solving complex problems through technology - then Dellent is right for you!

Key Responsibilities

-Responsible for functional safety processes update;
-Generation and development of new and existing processes;
-Continual process improvement and development of best practice;
-Challenging the entire team for new safety approaches;
-Think out of the box for innovative solutions related with Safety Management;
-Discussions with customers and partners related with safety critical systems.

Essencial Qualifications, Skills and Experience

-Experience in Functional Safety Management;
-Good knowledge of safety critical systems and processes;
-Embedded hardware and software for safety critical applications;
-Knowledge about functional safety standards (ISO26262, DO-178, IEC 61508);
-Leading risk assessment, FMEA and FTA reviews using appropriate tools;
-Knowledge of STAMP and similar innovative approaches for safety;
-Project management of safety critical projects;
-Development of safety plans and safety cases;
-Self-motivated, problem solver, good communication skills;
-Ability to communicate effectively to all levels of management;
-Good level of presentation skills (verbal and written);
-Capability to think in different solutions and approach problem in innovate manners;
-English and German languages.

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